Yorkville is the epitome of Toronto luxury. It is one of the city’s most elegant shopping and dining areas, and is home to one of the most expensive streets in the world, the ‘Mink Mile’. The neighbourhood features more than just designer boutiques and exquisite restaurants, it’s true charm comes from the many small courtyards, chic art galleries and stunning Victorian homes. The posh hotels host some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities who visit for the annual Toronto International Film Festival and millionaire athletes looking to enjoy their affluent lifestyle. Another major attraction in the area is the Royal Ontario Museum that brings in more than a million visitors each year and is an excellent source for world culture and history. Yorkville has a blend of young, urban, well-educated singles and wealthy, established couples and families.

The Annex is known as one of Toronto’s most beloved and unique downtown neighbourhoods. It’s an eclectic area with youthful vibrancy and a hip urban feel. The area is filled with popular restaurants, bookstores and local cafes.  The community is mainly residential with tree-lined one-way streets of Victorian and Edwardian houses. Ideal for students, couples and families, the community has many elementary and secondary schools as well as beautiful parks and public spaces for activities.

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