Organization Tips to Employ During COVID-19

Now that we are all settling into our at-home routines, some of us may find that we have more time to do things we have on our ‘to-do’ list. The COVID-19 pandemic has given many of us the opportunity to accomplish tasks that have been on our minds for months – maybe even years.

Organizing and purging your belongings can be a daunting task, but it can also be quite therapeutic. It has been proven that living in an organized space helps to reduce stress levels, and during a time like this, we can use all the stress relief we can get!  In the words of Marie Kondo, “I recommend you dispose of anything that does not fall into one of three categories: currently in use, needed for a limited period of time, or must be kept indefinitely.”

Here are a few tips to help with the process:


  • Start with one space: Pick one room or area in your home you want to organize. When you finish one area, move onto the next!
  • Take inventory: Remove all of your belongings from your closet, cupboard, etc. Once you see what you have, you can decide what is important to keep, and what can go. It can be hard to let go of things, but ask yourself, “Have I used this item in the last 6 months? Will I use it in the next 6 months?”. If the answer is “no”, let it go!
  • Use Colour: Organizing by colour is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also serves a practical purpose. For example, colour coordinating your closet will save you time when putting outfits together in the morning (this is my most life changing tip!).
  • Accessibility, Visibility, Flexibility: First, make sure the items you use most frequently are readily accessible. Next, you must be able to see your belongings clearly – label or use transparent containers to help. Finally, choose an organization system that is adaptable to your changing needs.

Now that you have the basics, let’s get organized!